A Variety of Roofs on One Interface

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Are you seeking to be flexible in responding to market demands and trends? We help you to achieve that  – with our concept of the Multi Optional Roof. The idea: One car interface, many diverse roof systems.

Our concept: One interface  – multiple roof versions. That is the ultimate in flexibility. Because it does away with the need to decide as early as the construction stage which roof systems will be built into subsequent models.

This allows you to respond quickly to market trends and regional customer preferences, and to implement facelifts by integrating attractive roof systems into the various models.

As part of our Multi Optional Roof, we offer you various roof systems:

  • Paintable fixed roof elements, also in contrasting colors
  • Stationary polycarbonate panorama roofs, Webasto Glas ProTec® or glass
  • Fixed roof elements with sunroofs
  • Two-piece panorama roofs that can be opened
  • Folding roofs for trendy small cars
  • Lightweight construction roofs with solar functionality

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